Our Mission

Orbital Technologies was founded to open space for private enterprise. We are developing key systems, infrastructure, and technologies that are essential to rapidly accelerate the commercial space industry and its applicability to the global marketplace.

We believe that opening space to the commercial sector is critical to the future prosperity of Earth. We live in global community and a world that is increasingly interdependent, subject to resource constraints and urgently in need of innovation that can open frontiers and enable improvements in the lives of people all  over the world.

Orbital Technologies is uniquely positioned to bridge the historical successes of the Russian space industry, while at the same progressing with the entrepreneurial speed and dexterity more commonly seen in start-up companies. We will bring out the best of both worlds – making use of the most reliable and economical space systems in the world and being able to accomodate specific requests of the commercial sector and international partners.

Our mission is  to open space to the commercial sector by utilizing proven Russian technology. We are creating a path of discovery for the 21st centure.