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Purpose of the Commercial Space Station

Orbital Technologies will build, launch and operate the Commercial Space Station and in doing so, will lead the private sector in the commercializing human spaceflight platforms in low Earth orbit.

The CSS will be able to accommodate several diverse industry functions that have been identified through years of research, operational experience and requests that have been made by our strategic partners. These capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Х Enabling space-based microgravity research
Х Providing a destination for commercial human spaceflight, space tourism, and state sponsored human spaceflight programs
Х Acting as a backup and emergency safe haven for the International Space Station and its crew
Х Enabling product development
Х Facilitating satellite servicing and maintenance
Х Providing a staging outpost for human space flight missions beyond low ≈arth orbit
Х Supplying a uniquely capable remote sensing platform
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