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Design & Capabilities of the Commercial Space Station

Our suppliers in the development of the CSS have more experience in building and successfully operating space stations, than all other global organizations combined.

Customer confidence in a space system is directly proportional to historical experience and success. RSC Energia, Roscosmos, and the Russian space industry have undeniably lead the development and operation of manned orbital platforms for the past 40 years from the very first Salyut 1 station to the existing International Space Station.

The CSS will be the ultra-modern derivative of this industry base, taking into account the best practices and the unique capabilities that have been developed over the years. In contrast to previous space stations, the CSS is built with a focus on the commercial customer and the needs of private enterprise.

Summary of the station characteristics are as follows:

Х Highly Reliable Systems
We use reliable, previously developed and tested space-certified elements in order to accelerate schedule, reduce risk, and optimize performance.

Х Crew Capabilities
A crew of up to seven people will be able to visit the station from the outset. This crew size will be expandable over time.

Х Placement in Optimal Orbital Position to the ISS
The CSS will be placed within 100 km of the International Space Station at an orbital inclination of 51.6 degrees, minimizing the energy difference required to transfer crew and cargo between the two stations and maximizing the opportunities for commerce and cooperation.

Х Multiple Transportation Systems
The CSS is designed to accommodate various models of human and cargo spacecrafts expected to be in operation within the next decade (e.g. Soyuz-TMA, Progress, ATV, ARV, Shenzou, Dragon, etc.) for crew delivery, rescue and return, as well as cargo and payload delivery.

Х Uniform Interface Systems
The CSS will be built using internationally certified units and interfaces for docking, communications, life support, scientific and experimental lockers, and computer and data monitoring interfaces.

Х Minimum 15 Year Lifetime
The design of the CSS will ensure at least 15 years of fully-operational capability that will provide extended continuity for customers.
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